FAQs[For creators]

This page is introducing some of the questions given by the creators.

“MAngaNIA”(here in after referred to as “This Service”) is a cooperative manga creation service.

Creators not only can post their productions as individuals but also can arbitrarily cooperate with others to create and post manga.

Does this service cost anything?

This Service is a free posting site, so it will be completely free to register and use.

How can we do team communication?

If a team is created, please communicate with each other using the communication tools available on this website.

Note: When using the team communication tools on MAngaNIA, a log will be created and stored on NGA,inc. This will help confirm the parties that are involved and when the products were posted. This information will also be useful for plagiarism and fraud counter measures.

Is publication performed?

Popular works or products judged to be excellence will actively perform publication.

Will there be rewards?

Yes there are. We are planning to distribute the revenue to each copyright owner in case the work(s) is published.

How would the rewards be distributed?

It is distributed evenly to the team of participants basically.

* This may change due to the participant’s degree of work(s).

However we are planning to make contracts about the work(s) performed to be published. This contract will be including the rule of distribution.

Can I post a product already posted in other sites?

Yes you can.

However, if you already made a contract with the other publishing companies about the work(s), you will need to prove that it not a breach of that contract.

How can I recruit a team?

There are two ways.

(1) Offering to join the team that is already posting a product.

(2) Offering other users to cooperate in making a manga together.

* There’s a button to send a requests on the website.

Can I post a novel?

Novel can be posted in the form of recruitment for cooperator. After the post, every user will be able to see your novel.