Privacy Policy

NGA,inc. (here in after referred to as "our company") offers a cooperative manga creation service "MAngaNIA"(here in after referred to as "this service"). In this service, the user's personal information which our company obtains is dealt with as follows.

1.Personal information

"Personal information" means what can identify a specific individual by the name, birth date, sex, photograph, and other descriptions (including the ones that can be easily compared with other information, to identify specific individuals).

2.Purpose of using your personal information

Our company will use the personal information of the user who acquired it in the following use purpose, also as far as it is necessary for the achievement of the use purpose.

- For the communication when our company judge it is necessary to use it in this service

- For releasing the personal information (specific personal information is not included to specify the individual) processed statistically as the results of an investigation.

- For service improvement and developing new service.

- For the provision and guidance of this service.

- For customizing the information on the page of this service, advertising and delivery service to suit the user's age, occupation, gender, hobbies, preferences, etc.

- For an offer of the information about this service, the request of the questionnaire for service improvement, the notice of the service of the company which our company judged, and also for the report judged to be necessary on other business.

In addition, this service may not be available if the user does not register necessary information.

3.Acquisition of information

Acquisition of the personal information should be by legitimate and fair means and it should not be obtained by an unjust method against the intention of the user.

All offers of information is arbitrary.

However, the service may be limited if you cannot offer necessary information.

4.Information disclosure to a third party

The personal information our company keeps, will never be released to a third party except for the case where it is based on below.

- When the user himself/herself has agreed.

- When it is required by law.

- When it is necessary for protection of human life, body or the property, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.

- When it is particularly necessary for the improvement of public health or healthy upbringing of the children, and it is difficult to obtain the person's consent.

- When it is necessary to cooperate for the organization in the country, the person who receives the local public entity or the consignment to accomplish the clerical work that the law provides, and when there is a possibility of exerting trouble on execution of the office work concerned by obtaining the person’s consent.

- When succession of our business including the data of the personal information is carried out by a merger, spin-off, business transfer or other reasons.

- When our company consigns all or parts of the handling of individual information in the range necessary for the achievement of the purpose of use.

- When joint use is carried out based on the law of personal information protection law.

- When it is permitted in other laws and ordinances.

5.Disclosure, correction, suspension, removal of the personal information

When the statement of the complaint or inquiry, a correction, deletion is hoped for the personal contents offered to our company, please refer to the following contact information.

After the identification, our company will disclose the personal information of the user within a rational period and I correct it or delete it.

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Our company may use "Cookie", for more convenient viewing.

Cookie is an industry standard technology. Our company’s web server will use this to identify the user's personal computer.

The user's personal information will never be acquired by the cookie, and will not be harming your computer.

In addition, it is also possible to refuse the reception of cookie by changing your browser settings.

However, by refusing the cookie, the service may be limited.

7.Personal information of minors

When a minor user enters the personal information to use this service, please obtain an agreement with a person in parental authority.

8.Updating information

Our company may change the privacy policy at any time.

When there is an important change in the privacy policy, we will notify it on the website.

After each notice, please check this page for the understanding of the policy.

Thank you.